About Us

Mamma Mia's

​From the delicious homemade recipes made from scratch, to the exceptional customer service and warm family atmosphere, Mamma Mia's brings the true Southern Italian dining experience to Spokane. From the moment you enter, you realize you will receive more than just a meal, you will be partaking in an event. Founded thirty years ago by the Naccarato's, distant cousins of the current owners, Mamma Mia's quickly became well loved in the Spokane area. Since purchasing Mamma Mia's in 2004, owners Jerry and Ginny Amicarella have succeeded in incorporating all the elements of a true Italian Ristorante.

Proud of his Italian heritage, Jerry is passionate about sharing family recipes passed down through generations. Just good comfort food, cooked like his “Nonnie” used to make it. Involved in every aspect of the business, Jerry is a true hands on owner, often stopping by tables personally to ensure everything is perfect. Jerry loves to cook for people and owning a restaurant fulfills a lifetime dream. In his own words “This work is what I was meant to do; feed, entertain, and serve people. Mamma Mia's means everything...dreams, family, friends, life, pride, comfort, and love”.